TVG to collaborate on novel vaccine development with DiaGen Ai

AI enabled antigen discovery

TVG has recently entered into a Technology Evaluation Agreement with DiaGen Ai, a Canadian startup company formerly known as Proteic. DiaGen was founded in 2021 to develop a proprietary AI engine for protein design, drug discovery and diagnostics for health, wellness, longevity and precision medicine. This collaboration will bring together complimentary approaches to developing novel and better vaccines for use in animals. Our initial focus will be on broadly-protective vaccine candidates for a disease caused by a highly variable virus. Highly variable viruses mutate frequently, making it harder to develop effective vaccines to tackle emerging strains.

Paolo Lobo, DiaGen AI President, said: “We are excited to further iterate our proprietary Ai capabilities into a new addressable market in the Veterinary sector to optimize the ideal protein structures for expression and immune stimulation to complement TVG’s experienced team in advancing their vaccine pipeline.”

TVG Chief Executive Jeremy Salt said: The partnership with DiaGen will bring strong complementary AI approaches to develop novel and improved vaccines. TVG’s herpesviral vector delivery system will be used to deliver transgenes designed for expression of optimal antigenic proteins in animal patients. Initial focus will be on the development of broadly protective vaccine candidates for a disease caused by a highly variable virus. This new partnership with DiaGen represents a significant development in TVG’s ability to address key gaps in the veterinary vaccine market.

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