TVG accepted as a member of the Global African Swine Fever Research Alliance

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TVG is delighted to announce today that our application for membership of GARA has been accepted. TVG has been able to join this prestigious global research organisation on the basis of our collaboration with The Pirbright Institute on an African Swine Fever (ASF) vaccine development project funded by UK’s BBSRC (see news article). The project is a culmination of prolonged interaction between the lead scientists of the two organisations, and utilises TVG’s core viral vector platform technology to create novel vaccine candidates in combination with target ASFV antigens identified by Pirbright’s scientists. It is expected that the project will last for 18 months. As The Pirbright Institute is already an existing GARA Partner, and through this joint project TVG has become a GARA Collaborator.

ASF, prevalent on every continent except South America and Antarctica, poses a significant threat to domestic swine and wild boar populations, including endangered species such as babirusa and pygmy hogs. Despite movement restrictions, the virus continues to spread rapidly across Europe and around the world, threatening global food security, causing substantial economic losses, and devastating biodiversity and farmer livelihoods. In 2022, the UK’s pig and pork export market was valued at over £623 million, which would likely be lost in the event of an outbreak. Traditional vaccine methods have proven ineffective, prompting the need for innovative solutions.

TVG’s CEO Jeremy Salt said: “This is a great opportunity for TVG to be able to join an organisation that includes the world’s ASF research community. GARA has long been the go-to organisation for state-of-the-art information about ASF, whether the latest research findings, epidemiology or control measures. This organisation has been a core feature of the ASF community for many years, and owes much to the support offered by ARS/USDA through its former Director Dr Cyril Gay (recently retired)”.

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