The Vaccine Group (TVG) was founded in 2017 to develop and commercialise the recombinant vaccine technology work of Dr Michael Jarvis, Associate Professor in Virology and Immunology at the University of Plymouth’s School of Biomedical Sciences.

Through a mixed funding model of public grants and private equity, TVG has established a pipeline of projects that address infectious diseases in animals that are either zoonotic, transferred from animals to humans, or have a serious commercial impact on livestock production, such as PRRS and African Swine Fever in pigs, and bovine tuberculosis in cattle.

Most emerging infections, especially those with high pandemic potential in humans, emerge from domestic and wildlife animal populations.

Due to the earlier ability to test animal vaccines in their intended host, and the relative speed at which animal compared to human vaccines are approved for use, vaccination of animals rather than humans is becoming accepted as an approach to protect humans against some emerging zoonotic pathogens.

Our business model is to develop vaccine candidates to proof-of-concept with commercial exploitation delivered through license agreements with vaccine manufacturing companies.

Why does it matter?

TVG is developing vaccines for a number of diseases that have a significant social and economic impact across the globe. Click below to read more about the diseases we aim to address.

Board of Directors


Jeremy Salt

Michael Jarvis
Founder & CSO

Matthew White Profile

Matthew White

Prof. Robert Fern

Advisory Board

Christophe Barnier-Quer

Johan Dreesen

Vaughan Kubiak



Hester Nichols
Project Leader

Ben Walker
Research Assistant

Angela Ward
Laboratory Manager

Yvonne Wezel
Research Scientist